1. How would you describe your association with West Anaheim? Answer all that apply? Are you a:

2. What brought you to West Anaheim?

3. How would you define or characterize your neighborhood?

4. What are the best things about West Anaheim (physically, special features, places that you love, meeting places, the look and feel, etc.)?

5. Where do you like to gather or meet with friends?

6. What makes the above places special?

7. Do any of the following create a negative impact in West Anaheim? Check all that apply.

8. Do you feel comfortable walking around your neighborhood?

9. Are there any places in West Anaheim where sidewalks are needed?

10. Where are the worst traffic conditions in West Anaheim?

11. Would you use a bus if it were convenient?

12. Do you ride your bike in West Anaheim?

13. Would any improvements encourage you to ride your bike in West Anaheim?

14. What areas of West Anaheim do you avoid?

15. What makes you want to avoid those places?

16. What is the one improvement you would most like to see in West Anaheim?