Welcome to the Boardwalk Gaming Sudbury and Val Caron Survey.

Thank you for taking the time to help Boardwalk Gaming Sudbury and Val Caron.

Complete this quick survey (2 minutes) and you could WIN a FRIENDS' NIGHT OUT FOR FOUR (4). Draw date: Dec 15, 12 p.m. 2018. value $168.00

* 1. What motivated you to come to Boardwalk Gaming?

* 2. When was the last time you came to a Boardwalk Gaming facility?

* 3. Please help us by checking off your age range please.

* 4. What radio stations do you listen to most? #1 is the radio station you most listen to. LIST YOUR TOP 3 STATIONS ONLY. If you only listen to 1 radio station. Please only list check 1.

* 5. Are you an Inner Circle Club Member with Boardwalk Gaming?

* 6. What Boardwalk Gaming location and event did you last visit?

* 7. Did you try the TapTix Machines in the TapTix Lounge?

* 8. On a scale of 1 – 5 with 1 being (1) poor, (2) fair, (3) good, (4) very good and (5) excellent, how would you rate your last experience at Boardwalk Gaming? Choose one please.

* 9. On a scale of 1 – 5 with 1 being (1) poor, (2) fair, (3) good, (4) very good and (5) excellent, how would you rate your customer service experience at Boardwalk Gaming? Choose one please.

* 10. On a scale of 1 – 5 with 1 being (1) poor, (2) fair, (3) good, (4) very good and (5) excellent, how would you rate the food and beverage service at Boardwalk Gaming? Choose one please.

* 11. What are some ideas on how Boardwalk Gaming can make it easier for new players to play at our centers?

* 12. How often will you return to Boardwalk Gaming this year?

* 13. Would you recommend Boardwalk Gaming to your friends and work colleagues?

* 14. If you are a new player or haven’t been to Boardwalk Gaming in up to a year, what is the biggest challenge you have as a new player/returning player?

* 15. List 3 other types of activities you participate in besides playing bingo & TapTix Machines.

* 16. One last important question.

If we could change one thing at Boardwalk Gaming to encourage you to come back to play more often, what would that change be?  Please explain.

* 17. Enter to WIN a Friends’ Night out for you and 3 friends. ENTER HERE.

If you prefer to remain anonymous, please do not complete this section. Leave it blank.

Thank you for your time and feedback.  We REALLY appreciate it and we will use the feedback to improve.
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Please see Promotion Manager/Sponsor’s Privacy Policy at Boardwalk Gaming Centre Sudbury and/or Val Caron for information. Must be 18 years of age or older. No purchase necessary. The odds of winning a prize will depend on the number of ballots entered into that Prize’s respective ballot box at that site. Only entries submitted online or at a Boardwalk Gaming location in Sudbury or Val Caron will be eligible for the draw at that site. Entry ballot must be placed in the designated ballot box at the participating site before December 14, 2018 at 8:00 p.m. Incomplete or incorrect ballots will be disqualified. See official Rules & Regulations for further details.