The LINk has received feedback from the community about the decline in the quality of incontinence pads issued recently.

To help the LINk assess how many people this issue affects please could you take a few minutes to answer the following questions?

* 1. Have you noticed a decline in the quality of Incontinence pads in the last twelve months?

* 2. If yes, what has changed/deteriorated?

* 3. Have you told anyone about this problem, if so who?

* 4. In what capacity are you completing this survey?

* 5. Are there any comments you would like to add?

All comments and information received will remain anonymous

Thank you for your time, if you would like to receive further information about the LINk visit www.thecountylink.net.

You can also telephone or text the office to request an information pack: 01323 514510 / 0774781334