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* 1. Have you ever riden an electric skateboard?

2. What type of electric skateboard(s) have you ridden?
(check all that apply)

3. Which electric skateboard(s) do you own?

4. How was the speed controlled on the electric skateboard(s) you rode?

5. Would you prefer a wired or a wireless electric skateboard controller?

6. How much would you expect to pay for an Electric Skateboard Controller?
(In United States Dollars)

7. Rank the following in order of importance for an Electric Skateboard Controller:

  Most Important 2nd Most Important 3rd Most Important 4th Most Important Least important
Ease of operation

8. How often do you accidently hit the brakes while riding your electric skateboard?

9. What would you change about the Electric Skateboard Controller(s) you used?

10. Describe your ideal Electric Skateboard Controller: