1. Introduction

10% of survey complete.
We'd like you to tell us about how you felt during disagreements or disputes you've had.

Please don't think too hard about any of this. Your first "blink" reaction is what we're looking for. There are no right answers, only honest ones.

In the first questions we want to know how you would describe what you were experiencing.

Most are multiple choice answers to get you thinking. Only choose those words that resonate with you. If there are other words you would use that aren't in the choices provided, please let us know what they are. There's a place for this, an "Other" choice, at the end of each question.

In later questions we're asking how you would have reacted to certain ideas if they had been presented to you during those times. Again, please don't over-think this. Just go with your quick, initial reaction.

There are ten questions. Give yourself maybe 10-15 minutes, but you can always start and come back to it if you don't finish.

Thank you for your time!