1. Issues relating to the movement of labour across Europe

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* 1. Please state whether you agree or disagree with the following statements:

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"The Government must move to declare illegal any contract awarded to foreign companies operating in this country that do not first offer all their jobs to British workers."
"When jobs are scarce, why should skilled Brits stand idle while hundreds of Italians are imported?"
"British jobs for British workers will only be a possibility when Britain is ruled by Britons again. When we leave the European Union and become a free and independent nation, when we who live here are able to decide what are the laws here, something that is the very essence of the democratic ideal."
"It may be British jobs for Italian workers today but there'll be Italian jobs for British workers tomorrow."
"In a recession there is always a temptation to retreat into economic protectionism or economic nationalism. A temptation to turn an entirely understandable and legitimate anxiety about jobs and livelihoods in the downturn into an argument against openness to trade or labour mobility. These things drive our economy in the good times, they need to be preserved in the tough times. We have to address the public's anxiety and frustration, and defend the law. But the solution is not to pull the door shut."