* In order to evaluate and improve upon the IWRC’s On-Site Review (OSR) program, please consider completing the short evaluation below. Your feedback is valuable to us and all responses are strictly confidential. Thank you for taking the time to complete the evaluation!

* 6. What industry sector best represents your business?

* 7. How did you learn about the IWRC services? (select all that apply)


* 8. Please rate the overall quality of assistance you received.

* 9. As a result of the OSR, has your understanding of your environmental responsibilities increased?

* 10. Will implementing OSR recommendations help your facility avoid regulatory penalties and fines?

* 11. Will implementing OSR recommendations result in waste reduction/pollution prevention for your facility?

* 12. Would you contact the OSR program again for environmental regulatory and/or pollution prevention assistance?

* 13. Would you recommend the OSR program to other companies?

Please rate your overall impression of IWRC services:

* 14. If applicable, were calls to the IWRC general telephone number answered promptly and transferred to the appropriate party?

* 15. The specialist conducting the OSR was knowledgeable.

* 16. The specialist conducting the OSR was easy to work with.

* 17. The final OSR report and attachments were easy to read and understand.

* 18. The final OSR report and attachments contained too much legal and regulatory terminology making them difficult to understand.

* 19. Please provide any additional comments regarding your experience with the OSR program and/or recommendations for improvement: