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1. eBooks

Effusive praise or constructive criticism are both encouraged. Please tell us what you like, and what you don't like, so that we can continue to improve B&N eBooks.

* 1. What device(s) do you currently use for reading eBooks?

* 2. Is there another phone, computer operating system or device that you would like for us to support with free eReader software?

* 3. Have you used an eBooks reader or software other than B&N eReader?

* 4. Which is your favorite eReader?

* 5. How many eBooks have you purchased from Barnes & Noble?

* 6. Which best describes our eBooks selection?

* 7. How easy was installing your B&N eReader?

* 8. How would you describe the price of B&N eBooks?

* 9. How would you describe our overall eBooks experience (website, software, selection, etc.)?

* 10. Where did you learn about B&N eBooks?

11. What is the best part about B&N eBooks?

12. What improvements would you suggest we make to B&N eBooks?

* If you are looking for more info, please visit our FAQ page where you will also find customer support and our help forum: