1. Please check 2 that apply. (Not Required)

2. Would you consider yourself a gamer? If so how many hours do you play in a day?

3. What aspects of video games do you find interesting?

4. In the space provided, what would you say to someone who suggested video games should be considered a sport?

5. What thoughts do you have about people getting paid for playing video games?

* 6. How do you think professional gamers make their money? Write as much as you see fit.

7. What kind of game would you enjoy playing and getting paid for? (mobile games, massive multi-player online, role playing game, first person shooter, etc).

8. How many Youtube videos do you watch about video gaming on a weekly basis?

9. Have you ever watched video games being played live weather it be on some form of electronic viewing or in person? Describe the experience.

10. If you could, would you consider making a living off of video games? Explain how and why.