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The following survey is designed and sponsored by Digital Promise and the SIIA Ed Tech Industry Network. It is designed to gain better understanding of the process undertaken for school/district pilots of student-facing education technology products and services used by teachers and students to improve student learning.

Survey results will both:
- help educators and service providers understand how their perspectives compare; and
- help inform our combined work to support best practices for schools and their service providers.

For the purpose of this survey, pilots are defined as time-limited trials of education technology products and services. These pilots may involve free, discounted or full-price payment for product access during the pilot period.

Other than anonymous demographic information, no sensitive items are included in the study and therefore this survey poses no foreseeable risk. Any potentially identifying information will be removed, thus assuring that the final data set is completely anonymous. You will have the opportunity to provide your email address at the end if you are open to a follow-up conversation or want to be alerted when findings are published.

Your participation in this research is voluntary, and you may decline to participate without risk. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate. The survey should take approximately 15 minutes to complete. While it is useful to be complete in your responses, you may skip any questions, and you are free to withdraw from the survey at any time. We appreciate hearing from you.

If you have any questions about the survey or procedures, please contact Phil Martin at phil@digitalpromise.org.  Thank you!