1. Girls' Life Mall Madness Model Search: NY/NJ

GL's Next Top Model: YOU get to pick America's freshest new face from malls across America!

Our last stop on The Scene 2007: GL Mall Tour brought us to our NY/NJ. We had so much fun and found the last round of fresh faces to compete in our Mall Model Madness model search!

So here's the deal: It's time for you to rock the vote. We'll pick the top 30 in each city.

Now YOU get to pick the finalist from each city. Each city's finalist will then compete against the other city finalists for the chance to appear in GL and be the winner of our Mall Model Madness search!

Here's how to vote: Browse through the pages and note the name of the girl YOU think is NY or NJ's freshest face. At the end, click the circle next to her name. When you're finished, hit NEXT! Simple as that.

Now get clickin' and pick this week's winner! Each city will have one week of voting. So come back to see if your favorite girl won!

P.S.-- You can vote as many times as you want for your favorite girl. Tell your friends!