1. Are you a registered voter in NYC?

2. What is your age range?

3. Did you vote in the election this year?

4. How long did you have to wait to vote?

5. Rate the functionality of the voting machines

6. How would you rate your experience voting this year?

7. How would you rate the knowledge of the poll workers?

8. Did you feel that your ballot was handled confidentially?

9. Did you receive an "I VOTED" sticker after voting?

10. Did you vote in the primary election, the general election or both?

11. Did you know about the NYCVotes.org mobile app?

12. Did you use the NYCVotes.org mobile app?

13. Did you find the mobile app useful?

14. Did you receive the printed NYC Votes voter guide in the mail?

15. If yes, did you find the printed Voter Guide helpful?

16. Did you see the NYC Votes video voter guide on television or on Youtube?

17. If yes, did you find the Video Voter Guide helpful?

18. Did you see any of the NYC Votes debates between candidates for mayor, public advocate, and/or comptroller on television or on Youtube?

19. If yes, did you find the debates helpful?

20. Please share any comments you have about your voting experience, or any comments or suggestions you have for the NYC Votes mobile app, voter guide, or debate program.