1. How long have you been a Resident Member of the CSA?

2. How did you become a Resident Member of the CSA this year?

3. Upon completion of your residency, do you plan to practice in the state of California?

4. How often do you visit the CSA website, www.csahq.org?

5. Have you ever logged into the CSA website?

6. What is your main purpose for visiting the CSA website? (select all that apply)

7. On which social networking sites do you follow the CSA?

8. Please select all member services which you are aware the CSA offers to Resident Members.

9. Are you interested in becoming involved with CSA leadership?

10. How valuable/important is CSA membership to you, as a resident?

11. Which additional services would you like the CSA to provide to Resident Members?

12. Which method of communication do you prefer for receiving CSA updates, news and information?

13. Additional comments?