* 1. What is your name?

* 2. What is your e-mail address?

3. If you are part of an AKC club, please list it here.

4. Are you an AKC Canine Ambassador?

5. How many educational visits do you typically make per year?

6. What do you present when you make educational visits?

7. What age range of kids do you visit?

8. Where do you make educational visits? Check all that apply.

9. What AKC materials do you use when visiting kids? Choose all that apply.

10. How often do you request AKC public education materials?

11. Which educational materials are most useful/successful during your visits?

12. Which materials are least successful, and why?

13. What new or different materials would be useful in making presentations to children?

14. Would you like AKC to have an educational portal online, where you could access all materials and videos?

15. Would you use educational YouTube videos in classroom visits?

16. Have you ever participated in RDO Days in the Classroom?

17. Would you like information on this year’s RDO Days in the Classroom program?

18. If you've participated in the RDO Days in the Classroom program before, do you have any suggestions for improvement?

19. Are you aware of the reproducible pages on akc.org?

20. Do you use any AKC reproducibles during your educational visits?

21. If so, which reproducibles do you use most frequently?

22. What additional support from AKC could you use when making educational visits?