Call for Nominations for the 9th Annual Student Volunteer Recognition and Awards Ceremony

The volunteer awards recognize and celebrate the hard work, generosity, and compassion displayed by OHSU students across schools, campuses, and programs. This year, the awards ceremony will be held on May 16, 2013.

Please read the short nomination category descriptions and nominate students who are exemplary in the areas described. Along with the nominees name, a description of why you think the student deserves this award is REQUIRED. Nominations that provide only a name will NOT be honored. An example of an appropriate nomination is listed below.

Nominations will be reviewed by the OHSU Student Council Volunteer Award Committee.

**PLEASE NOTE: The call for nominations will close on April 18th**

EXAMPLE: I nominate Joe John for the Student Service Award because John has striven to improve the student experience at OHSU. He has started a new, interdiscipinary club to allow OHSU to explore career options. He participates in OHSU student council and is a leader in XXX school. Additionally, he volunteers at XXX.

* 1. Educator Award:

To a student who demonstrates commitment to mentoring, presenting, or teaching. The goal of education is for greater awareness about pertinent health issues, to inspire the desire to learn and/or questioning, to teach about innovation and new areas of research, to prevent risky behavior and/or to enhance and enable learning (of students, patients, peers, etc).

* 2. Student Service Award:

This award recognizes student service to the OHSU student community. The goal of this service should be to increase the quality of life for OHSU student. Special consideration will be given to students whose service bridges two or more schools.

* 3. Global/International Service Award:

Given to a student that has done exceptional work in research, education, public service, and/or clinical service at an international level.

* 4. Community Outreach & Clinical Service Award:

To a student who demonstrates outstanding commitment to serving the community and enhancing the health and/or quality of life of others. Clinical service is defined as work outside of that required for scholastic purposes. Special consideration will be given to students whose service benefits underprivileged members of society and fulfills the OHSU mission for outreach.

* 5. Forging the Way Award:

This recognizes the hard work of a group of students who together, have taken on a mission beyond the work of a single individual. This group may have broken ground in their efforts to impact the lives of others through volunteer service and education, or illustrated the great potential that comes from working together for a common good.

* 6. Volunteer of the Year:

This award goes to a student who has demonstrated a sustained mission toward service. The Volunteer of the Year will have participated in service in at least two of the above areas. This Student Volunteer of the Year is the person you think exemplifies OHSU’s vision to the community and world.

* 7. Faculty Award:

To a faculty member who has been a role model in community or international service, or whose attitude and actions produce superior patient care or teaching environments.