1. Are you as active in the winter as you are in the summer?

2. Do you enjoy winter outdoors as much as you do summer outdoors?

3. Please rate the following activities for winter fun:

  Most cool! Somewhat cool Take it or leave it No way, Betty!
Working out at Fitness Centers
Arts & Crafts programs
Sitting in Pudgy's
Enjoying the Librar-e & Commons
Skiing/Boarding with Outdoor Recreation
Working on my car at Auto Hobby
Taking a course with Military Family Support
Taking a course with Base Education
Participating in a Community Activity program

* 4. Can you tell us what winter fun you would like to see at JB MDL that we're not offering now?

5. Do you enjoy indoor winter activities more than outdoor winter activities?

6. How likely are you to sit at home all winter, growing moss in the backfield while in front of the TV?

* 7. Can you share with us just one activity that would really make this winter AWESOME at JB MDL?