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1. Midwest/ West - Round 3

1. Before you get started, tell us who you are!

2. In the last round, Ginnifer Goodwin picked off American Idol contestant Lil Rounds.

Justin Timberlake soundly took care of Kathy Bates.

That leaves the two hometown hotties in a match-up of SexyBack versus Big Love.

Yes, Timberlake's been on the scene longer, but Goodwin's never had a wardrobe malfunction, as far as we know. And she's just so cute. Then again, has Goodwin invested in a green golf course in Millington?

We don't know. We like them both. You decide.

3. Here we have a meeting of two Memphis music legends: Al Green and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Al Green may have his church and Jerry Lee Lewis might have settled down a bit, but they're both still pretty bad-ass. Witness the fact that both of them will be performing at Memphis In May.

But does soul triumph over rock'n'roll?

4. Sometimes the bracket matches up interesting pairs, there's no two ways about it.

In this competition, we have attorney Leslie Ballin versus WMC-TV weatherman Dave Brown.

Ballin's client list has included preacher's wife Mary Winkler, basketball players and politicians. But Brown's client list includes a good portion of the Mid-South.

But you might turn to either one of them if you're facing stormy weather ... so which is it?

5. After defeating both the old and new guard — former CA editor Angus McEachran and blogger Paul Ryburn, respectively — CA sports columnist Geoff Calkins and Flyer senior editor John Branston square off on deadline.

Full disclosure: We know Branston, so in the interest of fairness, we will offer no commentary. You know what to do.