ADHD Survey

We are collecting data for our First Lego League project to see if the product we have come up with is useful for someone with ADHD.

* 2. Do you find to-do lists helpful in managing ADHD?

* 3. If answered yes, are the to-do lists ever lost?

* 4. Would it be helpful to have an electronic to-do list on your wrist that you cannot lose?

* 5. Does the ADHD person find it necessary to constantly remind themselves to focus?

* 6. Would a device on your wrist that vibrated at user specified intervals help this person to stay focused?

* 7. Would your ADHD person be interested in being able to extend their ability to focus?

* 8. Is your ADHD person motivated by rewards?

* 9. What kind of learner are you (speaking for yourself)?

* 10. Which of the following features on a wrist worn device would be most helpful?

* 11. Would you purchase a small device for your wrist that incorporates all of the above features?

* 12. How much would you be willing to pay for a wrist worn device that incorporates all of the features?

* 13. Do you think wrist worn device with those features would be helpful to ....

* 14. Do you know of any current products that have all of these features?