Please help us evaluate the library's new space and identify our community's needs and desires.

* 1. Do you, or do members of your family use the Roslyn Public Library?

2. If yes, how do you use the library?

3. If no, what keeps you from using the library?

* 4. Have you visited the newly renovated library since it moved back into the Old City Hall?

5. What do you like about the new space?

6. Is there anything you think should change when the library moves back upstairs once the building renovation is complete?

7. Is there anything you dislike about the new space?

* 8. Please help us determine what new things we could add to the library in coming years by telling us how much you would use the following, if they were available:

  Never Sometimes Often
Downloadable music
Heirloom seed collection
Graphic novels for adults
Movies in blu-ray format
Seattle Times subscription
iPads for use in the library
Kindles for checkout
Digital printing machine
Online homework help
Foreign languages software
Self-checkout machine
More open hours
More cooperation among local libraries
New York Times subscription
Video and photo editing software
Technology classes
Consult an expert service (one-on-one meeting with a beekeeper, pie maker, technology whiz, etc.)

* 9. What do you feel that you or other members of our community need that the library could provide?

* 10. Is there anything the library is currently doing that you think it should NOT be doing?