Library Windows 7 Survey

Since summer 2013, the library has been piloting and testing new Windows 7 machines for staff and student use. Please take a moment to tell us about your experience. This survey closes at 5pm, Wednesday, November 20.

1. What is your role?

2. Please rate your satisfaction with the following (4=excellent, 1=poor):

  4 3 2 1
The speed of the Windows 7 machine
The performance of the Windows 7 machine
Wait times to use the Windows 7 machine
The look of the Windows 7 desktop

3. What programs do you use on these Windows 7 machines?

4. Did you experience any issues when using the Windows 7 machine?

5. Any suggestions for improvement?

6. Would you like us to contact you so you may tell us more? If so, please give us your email.