NBJ's Raw Materials & Ingredient Supply Survey 2008

Thank you for taking our survey in preparation for the Raw Material & Ingredient Supply (RMIS) Report 2008.

In order for us to analyze the supply chain properly and feature your company in our list of top suppliers, we encourage you to respond as accurately as possible.

A free aggregate summary of the results will be made available to respondants as a thank you for participating.

The survey deadline is April 11, 2008 but please complete the survey as soon as possible. If you have any questions please contact Jason Phillips, NBJ Research Manager, at jphillips@nutritionbusiness.com or 303-998-9249.

Thank you.

Disclaimer: NBJ will not share any company specific or personally identifiable information with any other organization. We will send an aggregate result of the survey to all respondents, but nothing included will identify the respondent or the organization. NBJ will not share your email address or personal contact information with any other organization and will not use the results of this survey to solicit any other business.