The purpose of this survey is to get your feedback on how CRASH can become the most geniunely caring and friendly place to come to on a Sunday morning or Wednesday night--basically it's your chance to share your ideas on how to create a CONTAGIOUS FRIENDSHIP CULTURE! THERE ARE NO RIGHT OR WRONG ANSWERS. THE SURVEY IS COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS (no one will know how you answered.) Please be honest, thoughtful and provide at least one answer for each question. THANK YOU!!!

* 1. Let's face it, reaching out to or including students we don't know very well can be tough. What are some things that you've SEEN or EXPERIENCED at CRASH that give off a feeling of unfriendliness?

* 2. Think about your answer to Question 1. What SIMPLE things could we do or change that would improve our friendliness factor at CRASH?

* 3. In terms of our friendliness, what do we already do at CRASH that you LIKE and think we should KEEP doing?

* 4. What would need to CHANGE at CRASH to make it the kind of place you would feel 100% comfortable asking your nonchurched friends to attend?

* 5. Think about the heart of Jesus; what could WE do that would MOST IMPACT nonbelievers attending CRASH?

* 6. Think for a moment about the things you've written, what if YOU and EVERY OTHER STUDENT at CRASH ACTUALLY DID the POSITIVE things suggested. WHAT WOULD CRASH LOOK LIKE?