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1. Did you attend any of the PAW monthly socials at the Grad Club?

2. Did you attend any of the monthly off campus social PAW events?

3. If you answered Yes to the above question, which events did you attend?

4. Did you attend PAW and the School of Graduate & Post Doctoral Studies’ (SGPS) annual general meeting (July 2011)?

5. Did you attend any of the on campus information sessions on Western services for Post Docs?

6. Did you attend the Post Doc Research Forum in September 2011?

7. Did you attend the Tax Information Session?

8. Would you find a Post Doc Mentor Program beneficial? ie. would you like to have a faculty member, other than your supervisor, paired up with you to discuss any pertinent matters?

9. Would you partake in a training certificate program, that would develop skills beneficial to an academic or non-academic career, for Post Docs that is not directly related to your research?

10. What would you like to see made more available (ie. social events, programs, etc) to Western Post Docs in the upcoming year?