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1. Serious applicants only please

Make sure you have read my site thoroughly. You are not required to be a member of my site to apply for a position, but you should at least read ALL of the free content.

I do not respond to every application. I keep my relationships private. If you find yourself under consideration and feel the need to spread the word, you will find yourself seeking again.

* 1. Name

* 2. Age

* 3. Location

* 4. Your profession?

* 5. How long have you been a reader of Akasha's Web?

* 6. What best describes your experience with submission?

* 7. What type of submission appeal most to you (select as many as you like)?

* 8. What do you consider your best qualities as a slave?

* 9. Tell me why I should consider you for slavery. What would you add to my life?

* 10. What best describes the kind of relationship you seek with me?

* 11. Are you interested in being referred to another femdom?

* 12. Email address:

* 13. Are you a member of Akasha's Web (membership is not required for application)

* 14. What is your marital status?

15. What story or stories of mine do you feel best describe how you would submit to me?

16. What kind of submission are you able to provide immediately? (check all that apply)

17. Additional comments/thoughts: