A Safety Tip Line for Our District

Our tip line allows students or parents the opportunity to anonymously report concerns to district administrators. If you wish, the option to provide your name is available should you choose to do so, but it is not required. Students and parents can access the tip line and report issues in or outside of school that could possibly affect the safety of individual students or groups of students.

The tip line is not designed to replace direct reporting of information to school personnel. We strongly encourage students and parents who have concerns to speak with a trusted adult such as a teacher, administrator, police officer or another parent. We also recognize that sometimes individuals do not feel comfortable in doing this so the tip line gives them another method of communication.

Any tips will be forwarded to designated school administrators and investigated in a timely manner. Please note that the tip line may not be monitored by school administrators after hours or during weekends, so please consider the urgency of the information you are submitting. Also, please understand that due to circumstances that may be beyond our control involving the operation of the internet and technological communications, we cannot guarantee 100% timely delivery or reception of the information you may submit.

Please remember the tip line is not designed for an immediate response or emergencies. If there is an emergency you should dial 911 or contact law enforcement immediately.

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