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1. Copy of page:

* 1. The TA was consistently well prepared and organized for class.

* 2. The TA made me feel free to ask questions.

* 3. The TA grasped and responded to students' questions and comments.

* 4. The TA tried to learn students' names.

* 5. The TA never intimidated or embarrassed students.

* 6. The TA's conduct was never inappropriately influenced by students' personal characteristics, such as gender, ethnicity, cultural background or sexual orientation.

* 7. The TA's English was understandable (e.g., good pronunciation, speed, vocabulary).

* 8. The TA's examples and illustrations were clear and concise.

* 9. The TA was able to give alternative explanation when needed.

* 10. The TA linked abstract issues to concrete situations and vice versa.

* 11. The TA was familiar with what concepts had been covered in the lectures.

* 12. The TA encouraged students to participate actively in recitation.

* 13. The TA managed class time effectively.

* 14. The TA was readily available for consultation with students.

15. Grading Questions: Did this TA grade a substantial amount of your work?
If "YES", please answer the next three questions; if "NO" or "DON'T KNOW", skip to question #16.

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree Not Applicable
The TA returned students' work in a reasonable time.
The TA graded in a consistent and systematic way.
The TA's answer keys and/or individual comments were sufficiently detailed to help me learn.

* 16. Overall, the TA was effective in his/her role.

* 17. Other questions: Please respond using the new scale.
I sought one-on-one assistance from this TA.

* 18. I prepared thoroughly for each section meeting/recitation.

* 19. My expected grade in this course is:

* 20. Please indicate the average number of hours you spend each week preparing for this course outside of class (e.g., homework, papers, studying, projects, etc.)?

21. What are the strong points about your TA's teaching? In other words, what do you want him/her to continue doing in the future (e.g., in class or in office hours)?

22. What specific suggestions do you have to help your TA improve his/her teaching?

23. Optional Information