Help us name common wealth, sometimes called "the commons". Common wealth is either a gift of nature (like the atmosphere) or collectively created by man (like the Internet). We need to learn to see common wealth so we can protect it and charge polluters for using it.

Invite your partners, friends, families, or your larger community to have an important conversation about your common wealth. Record an overview of your conversation in this survey. Alternatively, just share your opinions about this important topic.

This survey is part of an effort to build CommonsScope, a project of CommonSpark, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in Austin, Texas.

* 1. What is your community’s common wealth?

Consider local, regional, national, transnational, and global boundaries as well as cultural and social boundaries. Some common wealth belongs to specific groups of people. Other common wealth belongs to all humans or all life.

* 2. What is the most critical common wealth to claim and protect at this historic moment? Why?

* 3. What common wealth needs to be off limits to privatization or any other form of enclosure?

* 4. How can your community restore accountability for the care of your common wealth?

* 5. How is reclaiming common wealth related to creating a just, livable, and peaceful future?

* 6. Use this space to communicate any additional insights or questions raised during your conversation.

* 7. Where are you located?

* 8. How many opinions does this survey response represent? If you had a conversation, please let us know how many people participated in the conversation.