1. Introduction

XBRL International has received a number of questions about availability of official business certificates confirming individuals' skills and capabilities in the field of eXtensible Business Reporting Language. Similar certificates exist and are successfully applied in the financial, auditing and information technology communities.

In order to evaluate market potential and demand and receive feedback about potential XBRL Certification Program XBRL International would like to invite selected target groups to submit initial opinions through this survey.

The preliminary assumptions for the XBRL Certification Program were defined as follows:

1 - The XBRL Certification Program will be governed by XBRL International, which will issue official certificates.

2 - The XBRL Certificates will focus on XBRL-specific aspects and not interfering with existing certificates from business, financial and IT domains.

3 - The XBRL Certification Program is expected to offer two levels: foundational and professional.

Foundation Level Competencies: For professionals who have demonstrated that they understand XBRL at a foundation level and are capable of applying XBRL in practice. Foundation concepts include understanding core XBRL concepts and technologies as well as application of XBRL in practical business reporting environments.

Professional Level Competencies: For professionals who will participate in the design of XBRL solutions and more advanced reporting environments. This level of competency involves substantive knowledge of XBRL techniques, design and applications.

4 - Due to the global spread of XBRL members it is expected that at least foundational level courses and exams will be delivered in an online (eLearning) environment. The professional level may be accompanied by direct interview.

5 - A new XBRL Certification Advisory Board is expected to be established to govern the quality and content of courses and examinations.