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1. Share with us your experience of Life Teen Leadership Conference!

* 1. What was the reason or reasons you decided to attend the Life Teen Leadership Conference this year?

* 2. What was the highlight of your experience at the Life Teen Leadership Conference?

3. Please share with us how your faith has been impacted through your experience at the conference.

* 4. Please rate the following sessions:

  Extremely Valuable Valuable Nothing New Wasn't for me
Session I: You're Not In Kansas Anymore...Except You Are (Mark Hart, Monday afternoon)
Session II: Make No Mistake: Called and Chosen (Steve Allgeyer, Monday before dinner)
Session III: Collision Course: the Reality of Sin (Lisa Epperson, Monday night)
Session IV: Sacramental Mystery: True Communion (Fr. Dan Beeman, Tuesday morning)
Session V: Guard the Treasure: True Identity (Mark Hart, Tuesday afternoon)
The Mystery of Men and Women (Girls or Guys session)
Session VI: Up Til Now: Moving Forward as Leaders (Mary Bielski, Tuesday night)
Session VII: Mom Says - The Authority of the Church (Fr. Chris Martin, Wednesday morning)
Session VIII: Wholly Holy - The Art of Submission (Randy Raus, Wednesday before lunch)
Rotating Session: Practical Apologetics (Fr. Dan Beeman, Mark Hart)
Rotating Session: Catholics in Culture (Greg Iwinski, Stacy Cretors)
Rotating Session: Never Stop Praying (Mary Bielski, Fr. Chris Martin)
Session IX: A Living Witness (Eric Porteous, Wednesday night)
Session X: Bursting the Bubble (Steve Allgeyer, Thursday morning)
Session XI: Mission Possible - Holy Family (Randy Raus, Thursday before lunch)
Session XII: These Hallowed Halls: Christ at School (Phil Baniewicz, Thursday after lunch)
Session XIII: Leading from the Pews - You at Mass (Stacy Cretors, Thursday afternoon)
Session XIV: God's GPS: Learn to Discern (Lisa Epperson and Fr. Dan Beeman, Thursday night)
Session XV: Are You Willing to Move? (Randy Raus, Friday morning)

5. What did you learn at this conference that you can take home to your parish?

6. If someone asked you why they should attend a Life Teen Leadership Conference, what would you tell them?

7. Do you spend time on www.lifeteen.com?

8. Since www.lifeteen.com is a site for teens like you, what topics would you like to see discussed on the site?