1. On your most recent trip to the library, were you able to find something good to read, view or listen to?

2. How do you find good materials to read, view or listen to? (Check all that apply)

3. Has your child attended a program at the library?

4. What types of programs have you and your children attended at the library?

5. How would you rate the programs you have attended at the library?

6. Does the library play a role in preparing your child to enter school with the skills they need to succeed?

7. Do you understand joint media engagement (parents and children learning together with media) as a learning tool and feel confident in using digital content with your child?

8. Did you find the physical space of the library welcoming?

9. When you visit the library with your child, do you most often:

10. Do you find the library to be easy to navigate in terms of locating what you need?