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* 1. I would like to receive e-mail updates to MSRI progress. E-mail saves time and money.

2. Please provide your contact information.

3. I would like to volunteer to be on the fund-raising committee of the MSRI.

4. I would be willing to help with specific tasks. For example, helping with the open house or mailings. Please indicate below if you could help with any of these tasks.

5. If you have volunteered to help, are you able to come to the Philadelphia location?

6. I have names and addresses of specific family members, friends, corporations or businesses that may support the MSRI.

7. I would be willing to send individuals or businesses a letter on behalf of the MSRI (draft letter will be provided).

8. I would like to provide a tax-deductible donation to support the MSRI.

9. I have other ideas as to ways to help. (Please describe)

Thank you for your time. Please forward this link to your friends and family.