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1. K-Kids Activity Report - Page 1

Kiwanis International is interested in hearing about what your K-Kids club has been doing. We ask that you report the activities your club is involved in during the following time periods.

May - August - (Due October 15)
October - December - (Due January 15)
January - April - (Due May 15)

This information will be used in one of the following ways:

1. K-Kids Zone Magazine article
2. Headline on the K-Kids Web site
3. PowerPoint presentations educating Kiwanis volunteers

Thank you for taking the time to complete and submit this information.

1. Select the report you are submitting. The club service or fundraising project should take place within the time frame noted below.

* 2. Please provide the K-Kids Club name.

* 3. Please provide the K-Kids club number. This begins with a (P).

* 4. Please provide your name and title. Example: Name, (Kiwanis advisor) or (faculty advisor)

* 5. Please provide an e-mail where you can be contacted.