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1. I am interested in starting a college degree program.

2. I am interested in finishing my college degree.

3. I am interested in starting/finishing my degree in:

4. If you chose Other above, what area are you interested in obtaining a degree in?

5. I am interested in taking classes that help me in my current job (customer service, professional development, career specific)

6. If you answered Yes to Question 5, What type of class or topic would you like to take a class in?
Example: Customer Service, Accounting, Career Specific (please give example), Etc

7. I am interested in taking classes that are taught:
(Please click all that apply)

8. I would like to see community education classes offered in:
(Example: Landscaping, Food Preservation, Home Brewing, Natural Resources, Computer Skills, Etc.)

9. Are you interested in classes on small/home based businesses? If so, what types of businesses are you needed information on? (food processing, marketing, retail, sales, etc)

10. Please choose your age group.