* 1. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to getting what you want from your career (other than bringing in client business, which I’ll ask about below)? Please be as specific and detailed as possible, which will allow me to cover your topic more effectively.

e.g., not knowing what to do to make partner, getting buy-in and great work from those who work for me, fear of trying something different even though I’m dissatisfied, dealing with office politics, a lack of confidence in my abilities, frustrated that I’m not getting good reviews.

* 2. If you are a private practice lawyer, what is your biggest challenge when it comes to bringing in client business? Again, please be as specific as possible.

* 3. What type of blog posts/articles are you most interested in reading about to help you grow your law practice or develop your career?

e.g., networking, marketing, making partner, success mindset, going in-house, going solo, time management, social media, succession planning, other (please specify).

* 4. Other than written articles, what sorts of tools, products or programs might you be interested in to help you supercharge your career or practice?

e.g., how-to videos, multi-week teleseminar program, checklists or outlines, audio interviews, group coaching program.

* 5. Which of these best describes you? Please choose one from each category.


* Location

* Experience

Thanks for participating!