AmericanWarrior Operation Freedom Legacy

AmericanWarrior is an all volunteer organization dedicated to honoring Veterans. Operation Freedom Legacy is educating future generations on those who served and sacrificed so much during the past century.

* 1. Which military era did you serve?

* 2. What is greatest invention during your lifetime?

* 3. What is essential trait for best friend or spouse?

* 4. What is one experience should we all enjoy during our life?

* 5. What place should every American visit during their lifetime?

* 6. What is one thing from your childhood that you wish all generations could experience?

* 7. What one thing should we do more often to be happy?

* 8. What is one experience you regret not doing in the past?

* 9. What is the key to a long and happy life?

* 10. What is success?    Or   What skill is required to be successful?

* 11. If you were stranded on an island what one thing would you like to have above everything else?

* 12. Mention anything else you want future generations to know about...

* 13. In which branch (or branches) of the United States military have you served? (Check all that apply)