Program Suggestions and Feedback

* 1. What type of program(s) would you like to see offered through Chaffey College Community Education? Please select all that apply and specify below.

* 2. What campus location(s) would be of most interest to you?

* 3. What time frame(s) would be most convenient for your schedule?

* 4. What is the maximum number of hours you would committ to a program in one day?

* 5. What is the maximum number of overall hours you would invest in a program?

* 6. What are the top (3) qualities you look for in a presenter?

* 7. Considering the topic you have in mind, which range below most closely represents the amount you would be willing to pay?

* 8. Please use the space below to provide additional feedback if needed. We value your opinion and want to hear from you.

* 9. Demographic Information (Age, Educational Level, & Highest Degree Earned)

* 10. Personal Information (Optional)