1. How important are global payments to your company?

2. Does your company provide global payments solutions?

3. How would you rate your personal understanding of global payments topics?

4. How would you rate the understanding of global payments among payments professionals at your company?

5. Which three regions or countries are you most interested in?

Please rank by importance with most important first.

  1 2 3
Europe - Western
Europe - Eastern
Latin America
Middle East

6. In terms of development status, are you most interested in learning more about:

7. What's your level of interest in the following cross-border use cases?

  Very Interested Interested Not Interested
Cross-border B2B
Global eCommerce
Global Payouts
International Remittances

8. Which category best represents your business?

9. Are you interested in a Glenbrook Global Payments Workshop?

Thanks! From Carol, Elizabeth, and all your friends at Glenbrook.

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