To request LFR adventures that are restricted to public play only (including conventions, game days, and retail store games), please provide the following information. The LFR campaign staff will respond with either a request for more information or by sending you the adventure files you have asked for. If you have any questions, please e-mail sean [at] basementsoftware [dot] com.

IMPORTANT NOTE! A human being has to read and reply to each request. We don't have the ability to turn requests around in 24 hours. Please give us at least a two-week lead time before your event in order to make sure that we can get the adventures to you on time. Thanks!

* Please tell us about yourself (the Event Organizer / Senior DM). Note that the e-mail address you provide below is the e-mail address where we will send adventure files, so please be sure it can handle attachments of up to 5 MB.

* Please tell us about your event and venue:

* How does tabletop gaming in general, and LFR in particular, fit into the overall convention/event?

* When is the event scheduled to take place (please give us the month, date, and year, in US-style MM/DD/YYYY format, e.g. 31st March 2011 would be 03/31/2011). For multi-day events, just give us the first date when LFR games will be played.

Start Date:

* How many total LFR tables do you expect to run at the event, and how many tables of the special event(s) do you expect to run? (We won't hold you to this number, so there's no need to exaggerate -- we just want to get a sense of how large the LFR presence will be.) For example, if you're ordering a BI, and you expect to run 50 total LFR tables at the convention, 12 of which will be the BI, you would answer "50" and "12".

* Which of the following public-play LFR adventures are you offering at your event? (Obviously, the adventures you request are the adventures we will send you. Please don't ask for adventures that you're not running at the event -- it chews up our time and bandwidth to send you these files. Thanks!)