1. About the survey

This survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete. The first section asks for feedback about the government's online engagement around the London Summit - your input will inform the way similar endeavours are run in the future.

The second is designed to find out a bit more about you: in particular, we’d like to know why you are using the site and what experience you have of political engagement generally. This will help us to identify whether government engagement is extending beyond its usual reach.

The survey is being conducted by the Hansard Society an independent, non-partisan political education and research charity. Your responses will help us to evaluate the site as part of our Digital Dialogues research, which explores how new technologies can be used to enhance democratic engagement.

We will use your responses when making recommendations to government about stakeholder and public engagement. In line with the Data Protection Act, information that you supply is kept private – no details will be passed on to third-parties. The results of the evaluation will be available to the public.

Note: * denotes a question that requires an answer. If you have any queries about the evaluation, please email edemocracy@hansard.lse.ac.uk.

Thank you!