* 1. Name and e-mail address:

* 2. What college/university are you attending/did you attend? And what’s your major/minor?

* 3. What are your goals for the future, career or otherwise? How is your degree important to achieving your goal?

* 4. Are you the first in your family to attend college? Tell us about your family background.

* 5. Do/did you participate in any extra-curricular activities at your university? Jobs or internships?

* 6. How has student debt affected your life? How do you see it affecting your future?

* 7. Do you have student loans? If yes, how much? If no, how did you avoid loans?

* 8. Did you or your parents sign for the loan? Did you receive significant loan counseling before signing?

* 9. Can you give us a quotation? Something that sums up why you think college should be affordable for everyone. Make it personal to your experience as a college student. It can be as long as you want, although we may edit it down.

10. Are you willing to do any of the following: