In-Range Progressions - CSUEU Collective Bargaining Agreement Article 20

This survey is intended for your CSUEU representatives to determine if the campus is in compliance with contract articles pertaining to the In-Range Progression request and review process. Information you provide will remain anonymous, however, statistics may be used in our need to enforce any contractual violations we encounter.

1. Have you applied for an In-Range Progession within the past 12 months?

2. What criteria did you use for the basis of requesting an In-Range Progression?

3. Who initiated the request for your In-Range Progression?

4. Did you receive an e-mail confirmation from Human Resources acknowledging receipt of the documents you submitted within 30 days of submitting them to your supervisor?

5. Did you receive a written response and determiniation of your request from Human Resources or from your supervisor within 90 days of HR's confirmed receipt of the documents?

6. What is the status of your In-Range Progression Request?

7. Please identify any problems that we have not addressed with the In-Range Progression process or include any other comments or concerns here: