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Bristol International Jazz & Blues Festival

Thank you for attending the very first Bristol International Jazz & Blues Festival. In order to make the festival even better we would really value your feedback and comments on how we can improve things for you. Please take a minute to to fill out our survey.

We hope to see you again in 2014!

* 1. Which of the following applies to you?

2. Which days did you attend the festival?

3. Please tick the boxes where 1 is very poor and 5 is excellent:

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Foyer Programme
Market Place
Late night jams
Workshops (In Session With..)
Ticket prices
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Overall festival

4. Where do you live?

5. How many of your group were of the following ages?

6. What did you think of ticket prices?

7. As part of the festival what additional things would you like to see next year?

8. How did you hear about the festival?

9. What feedback can you give us on your festival experience?

10. Are you interested in next year's festival?