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Risk Communication Video Series Evaluation

Please tell us how useful this video series was and what would be helpful for you in the future.

1. By participating in the Risk Communication Video Series, to what extent do you feel you are now able to:

  Not at all Somewhat To a great extent N/A or Unsure
Understand risk communication theory
Explain elements of the CASE model
Apply and use elements of the CASE model in your practice
More effectively manage conversations about vaccine safety

2. How would you rate your overall satisfaction with this training?

3. How effective do you feel the video instructional method was for this topic?

4. Did you participate in a group discussion or view the video for the evaluation of the 2 scenarios?

5. How effective do you feel the method in which you participated was for the evaluation? Do you have any comments on the value of group discussions on this topic?

6. How would you rate the overall length of the training?

7. Would you recommend this training to a colleague?

8. What is the likelihood that you will make changes in your practice as a result of the information received in the training?

9. What additional information should have been included in the videos? What types of resources for parents on vaccine safety do you need most?

10. Please indicate how you found this resource.