* 1. Did you wait more than 5 minutes to check-in?

* 2. Did you find the information and instructions you received prior to your procedure helpful and informative?

* 3. Did you wait longer than 15 minutes from your scheduled appointment time?

* 4. Was the Endoscopy Center easy to find?

* 5. Was the front desk staff courteous and helpful upon your arrival

* 6. Were the nurses, assistants, and anesthesia provider professional, patient, and caring?

* 7. Was the physician professional, patient, and caring?

* 8. Was your procedure and result adequately explained to you?

* 9. If you had any discomfort during the procedure, did we manage it adequately?

* 10. Were the instructions you received from us for care at home after the procedure satisfactory and easy to understand?

* 11. Would you like to be contacted?

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