1. I have a clear understanding of how my student is performing academically at Carter Middle School.

2. My student's teachers inform me in a timely manner when my student is struggling.

3. Teachers regularly communicate with me about my student's progress.

4. Classroom procedures and school-wide expectations are clearly communicated.

5. In addition to report cards, my student's teachers communicate with me regarding my student's progress.

6. If needed, additional support or instructional time is available to my student(s).

7. As a parent, I actively work with my student to improve his/her success.

8. Carter Middle School recognizes the achievements of students for all types of accomplishments.

9. Carter teachers provide a reasonable and appropriate amount of homework to help students succeed in their studies.

10. I have been directly contacted by one or more of my student's teachers during this school year by: (select all that apply)

11. I have been contacted by Carter Middle School regarding: (select all that apply)

12. I prefer that my student's teachers contact me by:

13. I have a computer and Internet access available to me every day.

14. I know how to contact my student's teachers.

15. I know how to find out what is happening at Carter Middle School.

16. Which of the following have you found helpful? (select all that apply)

17. I attend Parent-Teacher conferences at Carter Middle School.

18. If needed, I would feel comfortable contacting my student's: (select all that apply)

19. When would you like to be contacted by your student's school?

20. I am comfortable using the computer to support my student's education.

21. I would be interested in participating if Carter Middle School held some basic computer training for parents to be able to better assist their student(s).

22. As a parent, I believe that the more involved I am in my student's education, the more he/she will achieve.

23. Carter offers opportunities for parents to get involved.

24. I feel welcome when I visit Carter Middle School.

25. My student(s) at Carter Middle School are in: (select all that apply)

26. What do you like best about Carter Middle School?

27. I am concerned about...

28. Please list any additional comments or concerns regarding your overall perceptions and experiences at Carter Middle School.