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1. Elkhorn Mountains Elk Observations (HD380)

1. Name/Business Name

2. Mailing address

3. Email Address

4. Contact Telephone Number

5. What is your primary use of natural resources in the Elkhorn Mountains? Please select one.

6. Date of first elk observation

7. Number of elk observed in first location

8. Location of first elk observation (identify as Township, Range, Section or relationship to nearest named landmark)

9. Number and location of elk observed same day in second or subsequent observations (ie. second observation-10 elk, locations; third obervation-15 elk, locations.)

10. Comments about elk observation (time of day, if possible, approximate number of cows, calves, spikes, and antlered bulls, each observation)

11. Other observations or comments (Used for observations of other wildlife, forage, weeds, specific concerns by landowners or others for FWP considerations, etc.)