Help Plan a New Cornwall Website -- Give Us Your Input!


A survey of readers' interests and a place to give your input on a re-designed local news website serving the greater Cornwall area.

1. What are your favorite parts of the News from Cornwall and Cornwall-on-Hudson website?

2. What stories about the greater Cornwall area do you want to see more of?

3. What additional local information would you like to find on the Cornwall website, i.e. weather, sports schedules, maps?

4. Would you contribute stories or photos to share online with the Cornwall community?

5. What changes would most improve News from Cornwall and Cornwall-on-Hudson??

6. How do you get your news from the Cornwall website?

7. How often do you visit the Cornwall website?

8. Tell us about yourself. (Optional. This information is not shared with any outside groups.)

9. Which category below includes your age?

10. How many children age 17 or younger live in your household?

11. What is your household income?

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