1. The Future and Renewal (FAR) Assessment: Introduction

Welcome to the Future and Renewal (FAR) Self-Assessment Tool.


- The core of the tool consists of 50 statements related to self-renewal and personal planning effectiveness.

- I have used a very straightforward Web-based survey application to create the tool. All you need to do is check the box indicating the extent to which each statement is true for you.

- The entire diagnostic (60 questions) takes 15 minutes or less to complete.


- Your responses will provide you a framework for understanding your attitudes toward the future, your readiness for self-renewal, and your personal planning and effectiveness skills.

- If you currently work with a coach or plan to do so, your responses will provide both of you with a framework and launchpad for your discussions.

- In return for taking the time to complete this diagnostic, you are eligible to receive a free 30-minute telephone debriefing session to discuss your results and how to use them.

- Please note, I will not use your e-mail address to send you unwanted "spam" or share it with anyone else. If you would rather just obtain your results and skip the debriefing session, I will be happy to simply e-mail your results to you.


I am a certified Individual and Organizational Coach and the President of Strategic Diligence, LLC, a consulting firm specializing in leadership development, personal development, team coaching, and organizational strategic planning.

My career experience includes:

- Management consulting in corporate strategy, product marketing, and Internet strategy
- Team facilitation and group process management
- New product/service development in telecommunications
- Advertising strategy development and account management
- Software sales management and marketing
- Non-profit entrepreneurship, consulting, and governance

My educational background includes:

- BA in Political Science, Stanford University (1983)
- MBA with a focus on Organizational Behavior, Yale School of Management (1989).

Please note that your individual self-assessment results will not be shared with anyone but you. I will analyze aggregate results from all responders and include those in the write-up of your results.

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly with any questions, feedback, or suggestions. I welcome the opportunity to connect with you!

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Joel Treisman
Strategic Diligence, LLC
Westport, Connecticut
(203) 341-0462