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The number in front of each topic indicates instruction time in minutes. For every 10 hours of class time, we suggest that you select approximately 5 hours worth of topics, and leave 3 hours open for practice (recommended outdoors) to help "Make It Stick" plus 2 hours open for breaks and questions. (We usually run courses 10 hours per day, but this is flexible depending on your scheduling requirements.)

You can also opt to let one of Slipstream's expert instructors select the best topics for your group, or you can choose your topics at a later date.

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* 11. Would you like to open your course to public registrants through Slipstream's website? This can reduce your cost to run the program, and enrich the learning experience and networking opportunities for your students by introducing individuals from a variety of backgrounds. (Note: This option is only available if you selected the 90-hour or 50-hour course above.)

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