Introduction - AAACN Viewpoint Editorial Board Members

Are you looking to boost your resume with some publishing experience? AAACN has a volunteer opportunity for you to do just that! Viewpoint, AAACN's official newsletter, is currently expanding its Editorial Board. Viewpoint is an important vehicle we use in communicating with our members and achieving the goals of AAACN’s strategic plan.

If you have experience with writing and editing, we invite you to apply.

Editorial Board members assist in reviewing submitted manuscripts, suggest topics for manuscripts, and solicit articles for publication. In addition, Editorial Board members may serve as an Issue Editor for one or more issues of Viewpoint each year. Issue Editor responsibilities include: soliciting two CNE articles for the issue, working with authors to edit and prepare manuscripts for publication, and reviewing and editing page proofs.

Below please find a complete list of Editorial Board Member qualifications and responsibilities:

--Member of AAACN.
--Practicing in any area of ambulatory care nursing, including telehealth.
--Writing experience, publishing experience desired.
--Editing experience (preferred).
--Manuscript review experience (preferred).
--Selected and appointed by the Editorial Board, and reviewed annually.

--Assist in the impartial “Blind Review” of manuscripts.
--Evaluate the practice content of manuscripts for accuracy and appropriateness.
--Provide recommendations for manuscript revision.
--Adhere to review and publication deadlines.
--Suggest topics for manuscripts.
--Solicit manuscripts.
--May publish in Viewpoint as assigned.

Issue Editor Role and Responsibilities
--Solicit two CNE articles for the issue that support AAACN’s mission.
--Incorporate reviewer comments into articles.
--Work with authors to edit and prepare articles for publication.
--Review and edit CNE articles and feature articles, and other content as needed.
--Review and edit issue page proofs, submitting corrections as necessary to the managing editor.
--Respond to questions and requests from editorial staff.
--Provide feedback and ideas to guide the issue.
--Adhere to production schedules and deadlines established by the publisher.

Application Process:
1. Application deadline is August 1, 2009.
2. Complete this brief survey related to your interest in serving.
3. Send your current CV or resume to
4. Applicants will be contacted in late August.

Question Title

* 1. Do you wish to apply for a position on the Viewpoint Editorial Board?
(If yes, additional questions appear on the next page.)